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Most people know Eminem to be one of the most popular white rappers of all times. A lot of people wouldn't think eminem to be a poet but with his inspiering lyrics all about standing up for ones self and being who you are. He is a true poet in his own way with his amazing lyrics that continue to inspire his fans.

Marshall Bruce Mathers lll. (aka Eminem)Edit

Marshall Bruce Mathers lll who is better known as eminem was born on October 17th 1972 in missouri U.S. He is a 38 year old white American rapper,record producer, actor and poet. Eminem started to gain popularity and sucsess in 1999 when he released his first studio album which won a grammy award for best rap album of all time. Eminem was the only child of his mother Deberah R. Nelson Mathers-Briggs and father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Eminem barley knows his father because he abandend the family when he was 18 months old. He spent most of his life being raised in poverty and moving to different states. When Eminem was in high school he meet Kimberly Anne Scott whom most of his songs were about. She was the love of his life and he even married her twice. The couple first married in 1999 and not only 1 year later Kim attempted to commit suicide. In 2001 the couple divorced but later remarried in 2006. Together they Have a 16 year old daughter named haylee who they share joint custody of and many of Eminems lyrics refer to her. Eminem also adopted to others daughters Alaina Mathers the child of kims decesed sister and Whitney who is Kim's daughter from a previous relationship. Eminem's lyrics to his raps are the reason that many people refer him to a poet intead of a rapper. He writes about things that matter to him and shows leadership for what he believes in. For these reasons Eminem has won numerous awards and has had multiple chart topping singles. For this Eminem continues to be one of the greatest most insprational rappers of all times.

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