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Eminem isn't afraid.Edit

Eminem's song not afriad deals with many different poetic lyrics and metphors. Eminem tries to show leadership by telling the people listening to this song to not be afraid to stand up and face their demons to become better versions of themselve and change who they used to be. In the lyrics he says "f the world, feed it beans its gased up." This is metaphor because the world literaly isn't gased up its just messed up. He also says "Imma face my demons, Imma man up, Imma hold my ground ive had enough im so fed up now time to put my life back together right now." Eminem is showing leadership through his poems and showing how he wants to change himself back to the better person he used to be and he is also showing maturaty. He leads a lot of his fans into wanting to face themselve and stand up for what they believe him and change who they are for the better to grow up and become a better person. He also refers to his fans saying "I could come back a brand new me, you helped see through and dont even relieze what you did believe me you." Saying he has become a better person for his fans and he is not afriad to take a stand for who he is.

Dont let anybody tell you your not beautiful.Edit

Eminem song beautiful is also a song that shows how much he has matured and how he has become more poetic with his lyrics. In this song he is basically saying to only be yourself and don't anyone say that you aren't beautiful because if you are truley being you than everyone is beautiful. He also explains his own life and how to truely know and judge someone you would have to walk a thousend miles in their shoes, just to see what its like to be them. "I took my bruises took my lumps got right back up again out of this slump." Eminem says this in his lyrics showing people that he has been through a lot of negative stuff in his life but he has gotten over it and became a better person. At the end he speaks saying "God gave you these shoes to fit you so put them on and wear them." this is a metaphor because god didnt literally give us shoes to fit us but what eminem is trying to say is that god gave us our personality and who we are because it was us so we should be ourselves and stay ourselves and if the world cant except us for who we are and say we aren't "Beautiful" then they can get f*** and you shouldn't care because you are you.